40cc Petrol Engine.                        

This engine is Nearly Brand New & Only recently run in - being sold as USED

A new engine (unused for its intended use) and converted (not us) for aero use. Recently run in and by us on a scale bird. The plane was recently sold as buyer had his own engine.

The idea for these conversions is simple, scale warbirds often require extra lead in the nose. A Zenoah 45 only weighs approx 2.2kg and this 40cc weighs 2.8kg. better than adding redundant lead. If you would like a lighter 40cc simply remove the ignition coil and stator and attach some of the electronic ignition modules widely available. This engine offers good fixing points for such.

Very reliable and performs like a zenoah ie. powerful and reliable. The priming is easily performed with the onboard priming bulb. Throttling with adapted carb. horn control (supplied) for linear reliable operation.

Takes a standard plug BPMR7A but currently fitted with manufacturers own plug.

Ignition cable is screened and suppressor cap fitted std. precaution with all coiled engines!

Supplied as pictured ie. with all fittings.


Additional Specs approx:




  • Prop Hub Bolt 10mm
  • Cylinder width 8.6cm
  • Crank case Diagonally fixing centre to centre 9.5cm
  • Cylinder to carb end extension 5.6cm
  • +Trumpet 2.5cm
  • Exhaust 7.5cm width by 11cm (smaller than a Zenoah45)
  • Engine length - Rear crank case to front hub 16.9cm (12.9cm excluding hub)
  • Please note: Hub turning alone would cost over 40!
  • For a lighter engine convert to Electronic ignition.






4mm HT Fixing Bolts supplied with 'Buy Now' only - state length required.



Sorry Out of Stock






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