December, 2018

Practical & Versatile RC Model Stand -  One Size Fits All !

All Models Pictured On standard Size V1 & V2 LMS


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Pica Spitfire 1/5th Scale on V2-LMS



















Large model fairings etc as on the Spitfire don't present a problem.    





Model assembly Made Easy - Working On Retracts - Finding Centre of Gravity, you will find the LMS so versatile you will wonder how you ever managed without one...




The Large Model Stand is not only great for monoplanes along with wing support for testing & working on retracts, centre of gravity etc but additionally useful with Bi-Planes - a dodgy aileron servo after fully rigging making removal of the bottom wing a synch. 

No more wet knees! The undercarriage should be the only contact with the floor not the precious finish. Leave the ground to the critters!


Great planes Super Stearman

Removable Self Gripping Foam Tops!




A DB 1/4 Scale SE5A  see video - SHOT AT !

Heli's  & Foam Ducted Fans are also catered for. 

Simply by turning the stand upside down you have the perfect platform for working on such models and charging batteries!

Version 1 & 2 are same size.

The removable shock foam supports accommodate all sides of the stand.

Skyhawk 70mm Fan

Jet Cat Gas Turbine



Additionally, makes a perfect side table!


Many Thanks to D.Hamilton (cropped as requested)

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