Versatile & Practical V1/V2



Larger Models add  Kit LMSK

  Airworld 1/4 scale kit model with a beefy DA100 Engine. All up weight of this impressive model is 421b owned by Colin Auton.  


  1/4 Scale DB Sport & Scale SE5. Perfect Companion.  


  Powercat Turbine Helicopter S1-RRF weighs about 9kg+  


  Courtesy of J. Davidson and his rendition of the much loved  Aeronca Champion at 90" wingspan..  







Brian Taylor Hurricane - Grahame Pearson
Model is 70" wingspan, approx 11 lbs




  Tiger Moth. Laser 180. Weight exactly 9kg  





  T-28 Trojan on the new V2 LMS  


  Nicks-Synergy-N9-Heli on LM Stand  
  Nicks Synergy N9 Heli. see these Heli spec's!  






 1/5th scale Jerry Bates Bearcat on LMS on A 4x4 Kubota


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